Launching an SMB

PADI Advanced course is designed to further your education and showcase the numerous speciality areas of diving you can explore. The theory is presented via e-learning which you can do at your own pace. The course runs over 2 days with a total of 6 dives of which 5 are training dives. The core dives you must complete are the Navigation dive and the Deep dive. You can choose from a number of other dives to complete your remaining training dives. The ones we are able to offer are: 

  • Peak Performance Buoyancy

  • Drift dive

  • Underwater naturalist

  • Underwater photo

  • Search and recovery (suggested if you are planning to go on with Rescue and Divemaster)

  • Fish ID

  • Boat Dive

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Navigation Dive

The core dives are the navigation dive and the den dive. During the navigation dive you will expand on what you learned in your Openwater Course with regards to navigation. You will be performing a straight line and reciprocal heading over a pre determined distance. You will also learn how much time and how many kick cycles it takes you to cover over a specific distance. These are just some of the things you do in the navigation dive.

Deep Dive

It’s not as scary as it sounds. We will plan the dive and establish our non stop limits for the particular depth we are going to dive to. The deep dive is any dive deeper than 18 meters, however we like to find 30 meters to show you the effects of pressure and light absorption on the dive. We will have a colour chart underwater and a torch and show you how the colours are absorbed at depth.