first aid and cpr

The PADI Rescue Diver course is designed to make you more aware of yourself and fellow divers to prevent as well as partake in rescues if the situation arises. The theory is presented via e-Learning which you can do at your own pace. A pre-requisite is that you have completed the Advanced Certification, first aid and CPR in the last 24 months. If you have not then the EFR (Emergency First Response) course can be incorporated and started the day prior to the course. 

The rescue course involves one day of pool training followed by two days at sea over which time you will partake in 10 exercises and complete two full rescue scenarios.


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Rescue training

PADI IDC rescue training.jpg
  • Self rescue

  • Tired diver

  • Panicked diver

  • Response from boat or shore

  • Distressed diver

  • Missing diver

  • Surfacing unresponsive diver

  • Unresponsive diver at the surface

  • Exiting unresponsive diver

  • First aid for pressure related injuries

  • Rescue scenarios


Get comfortable with your compass. One of the exercises is the missing diver during which a hypothetical missing diver must be found. Frequently we use a weight belt as the diver for you to find. You will have to use compass navigation to perform a search pattern to locate your victim. A good review of how to use the compass will help a lot.