A 500 kg cement mooring block lies in 29 meters of SALT water. The block displaces 300 liters. To move the block off the bottom, what is the minimum amount of water that must be displaced from a lifting device?

c.) 185 liters

500 KG down force.

Displaces 300 litres which weigh 309 KG (300 liters x 1.03kg = 309 KG)

500 KG - 309 KG = 191 KG

Now we need figure out how many litres of salt weigh 191 KG

191 KG / 1.03 = 185 laters of water


On my self reliant diver course I was asked to breath from my pony bottle at the surface until it was empty. It had 200 bar of pressure and it took me 60 minutes to breath it empty. If I was going to breath from the same bottle filled with 200 bar at 15 meters , how long would the tank last me?

a.)   60 minutes

b.)  24 minutes

c.)   34 minutes

d.)  The answer can not be determined

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