Working as a dive instructor in Bali

If you have been following my IDC programs and some of my candidates you would have come across Ivanna Tobar who did her PADI IDC with me in Port Douglas back in June this year.

Since she completed her IDC, Ivanna has left beautiful Port Douglas in Australia and moved to Nusa Lembogan just off the coast of Bali in Indonesia.

I had the opportunity to fly to Bali this week and catch up with her. It is so rewarding seeing your candidates grow and then make the most of their new-found career.

Ivanna is a “go getter”, she had a friend in Bali at a PADI dive school who introduced her to a few people and within two weeks she found herself a job as PADI Instructor working on Nusa Lembongan for a local PADI dive shop.

Ivanna has since taught PADI openwater courses, PADI advanced courses and done a number of PADI discover scuba diving programs.

boat watermark.JPG

Working in paradise

Nusa Lembogan

Ivanna told me how different the diving environment is over here in comparison to diving on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. The currents are strong, you have thermoclines that are unbelievable. One minute the water is 27 C and then you see the shimmer come close and “BOOM” all of a sudden the water drops to 23 C. The boat traffic is something new to get used to and Ivanna is now an expert at launching that SMB, which you would never dive without over here. 

Ivanna told me she was especially grateful for the ongoing support from me and some of the late night messenger exchanges we had before she taught her first PADI openwater course and her first PADI advanced course. This is part of the “deal” when you do your #idcwithkai as the support does not stop once you pass your IE

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It’s been so much fun catching up and diving with you, Ivanna…. Can’t wait to see where your adventures will take you next as a PADI Instructor.