BWRAF - it's a scuba thing

BWRAF – it’s a SCUBA thing

We’ve learned to dive on that PADI Openwater course and throughout it you have learned an acronym for the buddy check.

The official PADI one is:

Begin With Review And Friend, (BWRAF) which reminds you to check the BCD, Weights, Releases, Air and Final Check. More about what to check for later….


Subtle advert…

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Other variations of the acronym are:
Burgers With Relish And Fries
Burgers With Really Awesome Fries
Buddy Will Rip Away Facemask
Breathing Water Really Ain’t Fun
Bruce Willis Ruins All Films… or you can replace ruins with rocks
Big White Rabbits Are Fluffy
Beer, Whiskey, Rum And Friends
Babies With Rashes Are Fussy
Barf Will Really Attract Fish
Barry White Records Are Funky
Beans With Rice and Fish
Because We Really Aren’t Fish
Big Whales Really Are Fun
Because We Really Are Friends
Bunnies Will Run Away Fast
Being Wary Reduces All Failures
Blue Whales Really Are Fat

great white shark.jpg

Be safe

Do a buddy check

Some politically incorrect versions I will not mention as after all it is the PROFESSIONAL Association of Dive Instructors, but they involve baby wipes, women, Bangkok and rattlesnakes

The buddy check is an important activity before you plunge into the water for that scuba dive. Unfortunately, many divers become complacent and just ask each other: “Are you ok to go?”

Don’t feel like you are the “not cool” one for doing a buddy check before jumping in. After all, that certification card you have did not make you invincible…. 

B – Check your buddy’s B.C.D (Buoyancy Control Device) Check that the low-pressure inflator hose is connected and that it inflates and deflates. 

W – Check your buddy has their weight belt on, right hand release and that the weights are evenly distributed or make yourself familiar with their integrated weights in the BCD

R – Check your buddy’s releases on their BCD. Are they all done up and placed correctly? Check the release on the back of the scuba tank to ensure the tank is securely fastened.

A – Check your buddy’s air… Is the tank full, does the needle move when your buddy is breathing from the regulator? If so, the scuba tank may not be opened all the way. Familiarise yourself with and recognise the location of your buddy’s alternate air source

F – The final check, have all your equipment ready, such as mask, snorkel and fins, perhaps you are taking an underwater camera? Are you and your buddy ready for the dive, mentally and physically?

There certainly are more things we as scuba divers can check during a buddy check, but this is a good start.

If you know any other acronyms, I’d love to hear them, so write them down in the comments section.

Happy safe bubbles.

Kai Steinbeck

PADI Course Director