Getting a job in the dive industry

I recently wrote a blog called 

This is NOT going to get you a job in the scuba industry 

Wow…. And that article flooded my inbox with tank you messages and some critics who thought I was not quite with it….. but as an overwhelming result you liked it.

So, I thought that I would elaborate and offer some further advise. If you have not read version 1.0 of the article, then here is a link to it. Click here.

Getting a job in the dive industry:



Oh Oh…. This is going to open up a can of worms. Let me start off by saying that I have two tattoos which are small. 

  • It is the 21stcentury and people are getting more inked up by the day. 

  • This is the dive industry and not some formal corporate job.

  • I think they look great (well… some look great)

  • It’s discrimination not to hire me because of my tattoos

Well…. those are your opinions and I share most of the but they may be very different from the guy or girl who is paying your wages…. So suck it up. If you are planning to get a job as a scuba dive instructor in the Maldives and you have any visible tattoos that can not be covered up with a T-Shirt, then don’t bother applying for a job there. Even here in a place like Australia I know of companies that will make you wear a long sleeve shirt or ask you to put a bandage over leg tattoos if they are visible.

Getting tattoos is your personal choice. Don’t get angry if the reason you didn’t get the job is because you have a full sleeve on one or both of your arms or legs.

Heck… I like some tattoos, but others I don’t.



Marine knowledge:

I set up a dive vessel to operate out of a busy tourist town a few years back and had to hire about 15 dive crew. All, but 3 of them, were PADI dive instructors with a variety of experience in the dive industry. When it came to the interview, I told them that they had to either do a marine briefing or a boat briefing for me during the interview.

None of them chose to do the marine life briefing…. and the reason for this was simple. None of them really knew much about the marine life. This is one of the reasons I decided to make my IDC candidates do a short 5 minute presentation on marine life at least 3 times during the IDC. (Unashamed self promotion for my IDC programs…. Click here) Google is your best friend for this…. Learn something and make sure you know more about the marine life than your customers do!


If you speak them then promote that. I was lucky enough to grow up and learn two extra languages. They have helped me in my career tremendously. How do you learn a language? The only way to really learn one is to go to that country and live there for a few months and study. So yes, you can learn another language. Yes, it is expensive to go somewhere for three months and learn it, but it is an invaluable investment.

Learn to drive a boat:

Yep… you heard me. Got nothing planned for tomorrow then go and enrol in a recreational boat licence course. I’m not talking about cruise liners or the main dive vessel. I am talking about being able and capable of starting the tender and driving it without running over snorkelers …

Learn how to service a compressor:

How? YouTube and then go to your local dive shop and tell them that you will give them $100 if they take you and teach you how to change filters and service their compressors. Because when you are standing in front of a compressor on some exotic pacific island and you have some idea of what you are looking at then Halelulia…..

Learn about outboard engines:

At the risk of repeating myself…. Same as above…. 

Social Media:

social media.jpg

Whatever you put on social media is the first thing your employer is going to see when they google your name, look for you on Facebook and Instagram. Yes, we employers are sneaky and look you up before you even get to the interview…

Have a professional social media page. It costs nothing and shows that you are serious. Include this in your cv.

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Here is some FREE “advise”

  • Continue your education

  • Never stop learning

  • Be humble

  • Be professional

  • Be respectful to the ocean

Get yourself DAN insurance… and no I do not get paid a commission for this…. Hopefully you will never need it, but if you have an accident on that small remote island paradise it will turn very quickly into the island of hell if you have an accident, get decompression sickness or have any kind of medical emergency.

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